TheTales of the Coastal Way

Treasure and XP for Session 2

Xp for characters is as follows:
Blackthorn 4480
Hogan 5280
Kalik 4480
Magnar 5280
Maven 5280

150 pp
Jeweled electrum ring (1550gp)
Cloth of gold decorative bracers encrusted with tiny gems (220gp)
Half plate mstwk (600gp)
Flute mswk (100gp)
Smoke sticks x4 (20gp ea)
Ever burning Torch (110gp)
Light flail mstwk (308gp)
Magnifying glass (100gp)
Banded mail for the female form (250gp)
1 backpack in pristine condition
Bracers of Armor 3 (DMG250)
Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds (DMG 230) 2d8
Potion: Owl’s Wisdom (DMG 230)
Sword of the Planes (DMG 228)
2 scrolls
A Divine scroll containing 9 spells
An Arcane scrolls containing 10 spells


KayD KayD

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