Hogan Grey

Adventurer of Many Skills


Hogan Grey started out living in a small town. Where he got mixed up in the usual childhood pranks. He found he was very good at getting into places and not getting caught. As he grew older he got bored with the small town and wanted to strike out and make it rich as a adventure. After all he heard all the story of all the adventures that would come through the town and stay at the inn. He would work there cleaning up. He honed his skills at gathering information about what they saw and did. He would sometime buy adventures who spent all their money drinks or in some cases a room for the night in exchange for teaching him some fighting moves or helping him improve his skills. He trained with several fighter and leaned from a few rogues who were down on there luck. He even picked up the basic understanding from a few magic users but was not able to do more the use that knowledge to use a few magic devices.

So when he was 18 he took the money he saved and joined one of the adventuring groups that traveled that area regularly. At first they were like “sure you want to be an adventurer.” But after he showed what he could do with a sword and bow he sort of won them over. But the thing that really impressed them is that even though he has never left the town he know of secret location and names of contacts in other towns. While adventuring with this group, he got to show off his skills at opening locked doors after the groups rogue was knocked out by an explosive trap. He stayed with this group for about 2yrs and became known for being good with a rapier and bow. When the group broke up, he traveled around with a few others before fate took a good but twisted turn in his favor. The group he joined was the Raven Claws, They were know to do any job if the price was right.

Hogan Grey

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