TheTales of the Coastal Way

The Trip to Sulphur Bay

Magnar, Kalik, Maven, and Hogan sat at the table in the common room, enjoying a last round of mulled wine next to the cozy fire. Their ten days underground had not hastened spring’s weather conditions. The night outside was misty and chill, with an intermittent drizzle. Every time someone opened the door to the Oak and Olive Inn, the draft cut through the warmth of the room, and carried the smell of winter as far as the table of adventurers. When the last glass was emptied, the four comrades got up, waved goodnight to Zimudar the Inn owner, and retired to Hogan’s room to discuss the plan and the items Hogan and Maven were going to carry to Sulphur Bay.
Hogan locks the door once everyone is inside. He moves to bed and sits on the corner with his pack by his feet. “Well as we were talking about earlier it might be a good time to get rid of some of this stuff with Maven’s material exchange specialist in Sulphur Bay. It would normally take about 3 days to travel there and another 3 back, depending on how you decided to travel. I can create two Phantom steeds that can get us there in a few hours. So, if we leave early we can get there, spend the day selling everything we need at the best prices we can and just stay the night. I will prepare the spell the next morning and we can be back here about time for brunch.” He looks down as he starts to open his pack. “We really just need to decide on what we will be selling and what we want to keep.”
The room contains another bed, a small table, and two chairs. A lantern hangs from a ceiling chain and there is a fat beeswax candle in a simple candleholder nailed to the table. The shutters are closed on the bedroom’s single small window, keeping the cold night at bay.

Treasure and XP for Session 2

Xp for characters is as follows:
Blackthorn 4480
Hogan 5280
Kalik 4480
Magnar 5280
Maven 5280

150 pp
Jeweled electrum ring (1550gp)
Cloth of gold decorative bracers encrusted with tiny gems (220gp)
Half plate mstwk (600gp)
Flute mswk (100gp)
Smoke sticks x4 (20gp ea)
Ever burning Torch (110gp)
Light flail mstwk (308gp)
Magnifying glass (100gp)
Banded mail for the female form (250gp)
1 backpack in pristine condition
Bracers of Armor 3 (DMG250)
Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds (DMG 230) 2d8
Potion: Owl’s Wisdom (DMG 230)
Sword of the Planes (DMG 228)
2 scrolls
A Divine scroll containing 9 spells
An Arcane scrolls containing 10 spells

Session 2- Notes
Dm's Version

Session 2

Characters reexplored the room with the Hellwasp Swarm (Map 4) finding 3 doors leading out.

  1. They found a cleft in the wall hidden behind a clever natural rock formation that appeared as a seamless wall from below, but became visible when viewed from 30 feet up and at the correct angle. There is a tunnel behind it. (Tunnel M)
    1. Tunnel M was almost round and has mostly smooth walls, as if carved by water.
    2. From the Wasp Cavern (Map 4), they explored Tunnel M (Map 7.2) as it sloped downward until it was partially obscured by a limestone column with water seeping from it. Maven determined that just beyond the column, the water has pooled into an area covered with a film of floor debris, essentially creating a quicksand pit. From here, they returned to the Wasp Cavern. (Map 4)
  1. Once again in the Wasp Cavern, the group chose to explore the next natural tunnel formation (Tunnel N).
    1. Tunnel N also appeared to be naturally carved, but was wider than Tunnel M. This led to a steep ancient spiraling stone staircase with a simple step trap on the bottom. This led to a roughly “T” shaped room(Map 3.5) . This close rubble filled chamber has a floor covered in scree that gets larger towards the far wall. A recent seismic event of some kind within the recent past opened up a 10 foot chasm that bisects the room. This event also caused a massive cave in on the far side of the room. On the other side of the ravine, the floor within the ten feel of the ravine is talus, rising up to the ceiling with dirt, rocks, and boulders.
      1. In the corner of the room is a very old ornate coffin. This coffin is in an alcove on the left side of the room if one is facing the rockfall. A noblewoman has been laid to rest here a long time ago. She is nothing but bones and rags, but there are a few things of interest in the coffin with her.
        1. Her Signet ring (house Orcu)
        2. An amulet, with a strange design on it. The amulet bears a weak spell designed to open a lock.
        3. On her dessicated chest is a section of skin gone to leather but not decayed. This human vellum bears a magical tattoo designed to protect the body from demonic possession.
        4. A fragment of an old parchment that mentions “The Architectural University of Bathensport.”

Magnar investigated the rockfall and found a mud tunnel near the top of the room that leads steeply up. The tunnel smells of decay and ancient death.(Tunnel Q)

  1. Tunnel Q rises steeply and goes on for many, many feet. It is tiny tunnel only slightly larger than is needed to crawl in. Packs must be taken off and either dragged behind or pushed ahead. Eventually, Tunnel Q ends behind a vertical marble slab that seems to be partially dislodged. After some scuffling about, the Cleric of Cord shoves the marble slab away from the opening, where it falls onto a marble floor of Map 5 with a loud bell- like reverberation.
  1. Map 5 (The Orcu Mausoleum)
    1. The mausoleum is a small room made of marble that contains 6 columns, 2 marble urns with dead flowers in them, a stone couch which faces the wall, 4 sarcophagi spaced along each wall, and two more marble slabs at the wall of the room behind you. The sarcophagi of this room bear the names “Ophelia”, “Oscar”, “Richard”, “Starr”, “Mathan”, “Holly”, and “Hecata”. They all wear a signet ring for House of Orcu, and two of the 6 columns bear the symbol of the amulet.
      1. The Wights!! The party is attached by 4 wights and a dread wight in the mausoleum. They seem to have the upper hand and are closing with Magnar when he successfully gets the lesser wights destroyed, but the dread wight floats away through the walls, effectively getting away.
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